Next Generation Dance Camp

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp

Fragrance Free Policy

We are a fragrance-free camp, period. This means we cannot have perfumes or scented products of any kind at our camp. It’s a serious health issue, and we have several campers who have explicitly mentioned their need for a fragrance-free space. Given that we’ll all be sharing sleeping spaces, complying with our fragrance-free policy is imperative. Campers who come wearing fragrances will be asked to shower, wash clothes, or in extreme cases leave camp.

We will supply these fragrance-free personal care products for our campers: hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

What does fragrance free mean? The kinds of things that you cannot bring to camp are (but are not limited to): scented personal care products (hair or skin care, makeup, perfume/cologne, oils, creams, even if they are “natural”: powders; aftershave; deodorant; etc.), incense, or anything to “freshen” the air. If possible, please wash the clothes you’re taking to camp with fragrance-free detergent and air out any personal belongings that may have been exposed to fragrance.