Next Generation Dance Camp

October 5-7, 2018 • Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp

Registration is open! Register here for NGDC 2018.

Registration closes September 25th.

What is this event?

This is a three-day residential contra dance camp. Roughly, here’s what the weekend will look like:

Friday evening: arrive at camp, settle in. Dinner and contra dance, late night couple dancing.

Saturday: workshops during the day, (dancing, singing, jamming, organizing, calling, sound engineering, etc...), dance party at night.

Sunday: brunch, a farewell dance, and goodbyes.

Who is this event for?

You! Self-identified youth and youth-allied individuals welcome. We will not exclude any dancers due to age. We are a youth-organized and youth-focused event, and welcome attendees who promote our vision of empowering youth involvement in the folk community.

Who we are not: An exclusive cool hip dancer clique checking IDs at the door. We are also not affiliated with Youth Dance Weekend (YDW), although they have generously provided us with a lot of advice!


Music by the Waxwings and calling by Yoyo Zhou

Jesse Partridge (Riffraff, Contra Quartet), Amy Englesberg (Free Raisins, Wake Up Robin), and Alex Sturbaum (Countercurrent, Gallimaufry) formed the Waxwings on a lark in 2016, and since then have been playing sweet, sultry, and stomping tunes throughout the Northwest. The Waxwings combine a sweet and lyrical fiddler with two powerhouse rhythm players who double as accordionists. Their joyful, pulsating sounds impel you to defy gravity with every step.

Yoyo Zhou is a caller and organizer from the Bay Area who is known for his thoughtful teaching and fun dances. He has been calling dances since 2012, sometimes on a few minutes' notice, to contribute to making the joy that is our dance community happen. He believes in helping dancers get the most out of each dance.

What role terms will you be using?

All dances will be called using Larks and Ravens. We firmly believe that any person can dance any role, and we want our use of language to reflect that.


the Kiwanis Camp, which is familiar to those of you who have attended Northwest Passage. The location is spectacular: halfway up Mt. Hood. As you will need a vehicle to get to camp, we’ll be helping coordinate ride-shares from Portland, which is the nearest major city, as well as from other PNW locales. We’ll sleep in shared heated cabins. Catering will be able to accommodate most dietary requirements. We will do our best to make the event fragrance-free.

How does housing work?

Kiwanis camp has heated cabins broken up into rooms that house 4-10 people, and campers will sign up for rooms when they get there. We won't gender designate any of the rooms. Most bathrooms will be gender-neutral, but we will designate one men's and one women's bathroom with showers, and there are a few single occupancy restrooms and showers at camp.


Because we want this event to be available to everyone, NextGen has a sliding scale. You decide how much makes sense for your financial situation. Below are suggestions, paired with how they relate to our expenses and who we suggest pay these amounts, but you are welcome to pay anything above our minimum of $125. If that minimum really doesn't work for you and you're still interested in coming, please contact us at

Minimum: $125 - Suggested for students, people with debt, and other people for whom coming to camp is a financial strain.
Break even: $185 - This is the rough break even cost per person. If you can afford to pay this amount, please do! If you can't afford this amount, please pay less!
A little extra: $245 - This covers the break even cost for you plus some of the cost to bring someone else. If you're financially comfortable and secure, we recommend paying this amount (or more!). We also recommend paying at least this amount if you are 40 or older.
Bring a friend: $370 - This covers your cost plus the cost of one other person. If you love the mission of helping build community and leadership among young people in the dance community and can afford it, this amount will help us continue to make camp sustainable, and make it accessible to more people.

Please take our suggestions as a guide and not a rule. We're committed to making this camp as affordable as possible to anyone who wants to come, and you know more about your financial situation than we do. But please also remember that in order to make camp financially sustainable, we need some people to pay more than the break-even price.

Refund policy

When you sign up, we plan for your presence both financially and in terms of all the supplies we'll need to buy or have to wrangle for camp, so if it turns out you can't come, please tell us as soon as possible! If you cancel between now and September 10th, we'll refund anything you paid minus $15. If you cancel after September 10th, we won't generally offer refunds. However, we understand that things can change suddenly and camp is expensive, so if you have extenuating circumstances, let us know and we'll consider making an exception.

Is this a science fiction themed event?

No, just a contra dance camp organized by nerds. Our science fiction fandoms won't play a role in the weekend more substantial than our choice of website aesthetics and registration dates.

More Questions?

If you have other questions please feel free to email us at


We’d like to acknowledge the Portland Country Dance Community (PCDC), which generously provided us with both a starter grant and loan.